Chrysalis…Kids Carnival….Exhibition

Chrysalis day @ MES International school pattambi
EZ Vidya is the pioneer in bringing the 21st Century Learning Environment in Indian Schools . EZ Vidya have created this platform of chrysalis which allowed the children to hone their computer skills . Through the projects done by children ,the thinking skills of the students are integrated into Information and Communication Technologies(ICT) projects .
The Chrysalis Day was celebrated on 6th January 2016.The programme was inaugurated by PTMA Vice President Mrs .Sangheeta P .A total of almost 500 students drawn from first to ninth classes are categorized into groups and worked for the projects . It was the opportunity for the students to show their talents and skills in the field of technology and IT. The students accomplished their work beyond the expectation. The students were successful in bringing out their hidden talents.
Our school campus was buzzed with parents visiting in droves, heading straight to the computer lab on the first floor. The children were busy in explaining about the uniqueness of their projects.
We help our students to discover new ideas and new concepts. Our role as teachers is not to be as sources of information, but….to facilitate, give opportunities for thinking, for expressing…….





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