Mission On Time Management

The new mission of the school should be to prepare children to work in job that do not exist , to solve problems that are not yet apparent , using technologies that are still to be invented.

As a result problem solving has climbed high on the lot of desirable out comes of education .

This kind of preparation has been the focus of a new initiative launched by the department of mathematical ‘eallo’ Mission on Time Management (MTM)  on 15 Nov 2014.

in the first phase individual learning process were taken place which concentrates the elementary mathematical computation with in the time limit .

In the second phase children from classes 4 to 10 are learning maths throw monthly worksheet with two questions a day.

Being more on innovation as a part of per group study program , children are divided into group of seven,addressed as VIBGYOR and each group is headed by a monitor called VIBGYOR executive who helps the other member for further improvement .

Following  are the outcomes

x Speed and accuracy in calculation

x Systematic presentation in problem solving

x Keeping time management in problem solving

x Proper maintenance of notebook /files

x Development of leader ship qualities



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