Reading day was observed on June 19 on the occasion of P.N Panicker commemoration

Reading books beyond school texts is an important aspect of education.To create a whole school reading culture we celebrate reading day at our school.The celebration involved storybook reading session.

D.E.A.R(Drop everything and read)

D.E.A.R Session

DEAR stands for drop everything and read

DEAR is a great way to get both staff and students reading!

DEAR session consists of getting the whole school to stop,drop what they are doing and to read,for the full 40 minutes of class time.

where dropping things and reading books is highly,encouraged!

yes,of course!we encourage students to”drop everything and read”

we had provided the reading materials to all the students  and the faculties,including the office staff,reception,staff room,everywhere,the whole school stopped and read.

staffs were surprised at how well their session had gone;some students had complained when the 40 minutes were over and some staff wanted to carry on reading too!other comments received and behavior on the corridors at the end of the session;students deemed calmer and were more eager for learning  when they went to their first lesson.DEAR had arrived and was there to stay!

The goal of the program is to prompt pupil to make reading a regular part of their routine….,pupil will hopefully catch on the fact that reading is everywhere ,that every one reads ,not just their English teacher or librarian, but rather from principal all the way to the office staff and everyone in between.

The Day was fun and truly eductive

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