THE MES Sports meet was held on 22&23 of august.the day started with flag hosting.childrens participated with great enthusiasm and energy.The celebration started with the torch baring ceremony,it was lit by our sports captain Muhammed Ashik of XII.There was interesting programme by our juniors.The first event that took place was 1500m race for category three,followed by many other events.
the students service cops & volunteers had their own duties and were busy in it.
teachers also had a great part in the ceremony, they were really enjoying thier duties.we have seven star athletes Muhammed Ashik(sports captain),sufiyan,Mohammed Hashmil,Mohammed Ansar,Afthab Ahamed,Mohammed Sanoob,Muhammed Musthafa.there was a tight competition between all the four the end of the first day saphire house was leading followed by other houses.there was a unique enthusiasm through out the day and the second day had a lot of competition and the points were changing within fraction of seconds.last but not the least the golden moment arrived,the final results were announced.there was a drastic change in the result first position was emerald followed by topaz followed by ruby and saphire.principal mam announced the best participant of all categories.then comes sadest moment the sports flag was brought down and the national anthem was played.

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