Water Crisis and its Aftermath

The war of the 21st century will be fought over water.


“Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drip”                                       The above line from ‘The Rime of the Ancient Marines’ sheds the light on what the world has become today. The Earth, caringly known as the ‘blue planet’ with water occupying 75% of its landscape, is now devoid of this. The million dollar question is ‘What caused this crisis? ‘

Franklin’s words ‘We won’t know the worth of water until it has dried up’ has become a reality. The world never contemplated the future of our planet when we recklessly  used up this precious gift. The water bodies are polluted so much so that we can’t even recognize that it was a water body once. Dead animals, human waste, industrial effluent have now contaminated the water. Recently, in Kerala, the most sacred ‘Pamba’ has become polluted with clothes, feaces and what not. Moving onto the the bigger screen, the pure and lovely Ganges is now breathing its last as we speak. These are all evidence that we humans are slowly and silently killing our life source.

Human activities have impacted the world as a whole and today’s rains are poisoned. Moreover, it’s indeed disappointing to know that our rains are not as punctual as it used to be. Humans failed to remember that the water cycle is also our life cycle.

Millions of people walk miles for a drop of water in the less fortunate countries but the fortunate folks of this world waste drops of water. ‘Million drops of water makes a mighty ocean’ is a fact that everyone should keep in mind while letting the drops go waste.

The world has now started to give second thoughts to the aftermath of these reckless activities. Millions of people around the world are suffering and some are even breathing their last because of water scarcity. The world is in such a pathetic condition that some countries are exporting water. ‘The world isn’t wish granting factory ‘. w cannot just wish for water after having poisoned our life source. the truth is the aftermath of life . the flora and fauna will die out and the human race , obviously will meet it’s end .

The next world war will be fought our water is a raw truth . ‘better late than never’ and if we start saving little drops then we can hold our hands together to create a mighty ocean and resurrect the life .

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