It’s Raining !!

On That Wet Day ‘

Through  The   Bars Of The Window ,

The Coolness Of The Showered Field ,

Filled   My   Heart    With   Pleasure…

Far , Beneath  The  Mountain  Chains ,

The  descendant  Sparkling  Droplets ,

Inspired  Me , The  Feeling  Of  Love…


Even    Today    It’s    Raining  !!

During   The   Night   Falls   As    Acids ,

Disordered      In     The        Monsoons ,

Not     In     The       Fields !

Above      The       Concreted       Lands ,

And         Tar       Coated       Roads……


The      Boiled         Droplets     That –

Descends Down Into The Hot Land ,

Seem  Like ,  The  Sprinkles  From –

The      Vast       Sky ,  Lack     Water.

Now  It’s   Raining   In    My   Mind ,

And     Expel     Out     As   Tear   !!






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