A New Life

Memories go long back ;  so long that I forget .It was years ago . And i had just started my long or short, it seems today- life’s journey . Winding through bends and curves , I first joined a river and subsequently reached my destination – the deep blue ocean . That joy is still there , buried deep in my shrinking heart .

Things started to go wrong a little while back. As I flowed happily , lapping on tones and splashing onto my banks , I started noticing the changes. My friends , the hug trees , were vanishing ! their dwindling numbers were shocking and soon ,  big buildings replaced them entirely.

I still a friend wailing ,” Oh little stream , u are perennial. But look at us! we’ll soon perish altogether.

Oh! how very wrong she was ….

Soon after my friends were gone , I was also changing my sparkling blue waters turned muddy brown and i watched helplessly as the . Salmon and herons’ dead bodies were strewn on my banks.

The factories discharged their toxic wastes in to me. The merciless frauds not only contaminated me but also drained me completely . I can’t believe humans can be so thankless!!

But then came the fateful day- the day that gave me hope , A group of students who were visiting the factory on my bank noticed my pitiful condition . And BANG! The next day cam protesters from all over the state with flags and banners .

Oh , how happy I was ! Finally there was someone who cared and I was grateful . Beyond grateful , actually. I was ecstatic.

This was a few days ago. People have started cleaning me . There is hope ,after all . My heart sang with their protests , thudding and leaping like a fish.




I know , it must be too much hope for, but all I can do now is look forward to tomorrow , with my heart swelling with happiness . I am totally gleeful. after all , it’s not a mistake to look forward , right ?  Into a new future , a new life…..



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