The Box Of Scripted words

Pondering into the yester years my memory reaches to the scripted words that carried an oceanful of meanings. It is ironical to say the red box is endangered.


Surfing through the old books I found a letter drafted enquiringly about my whereabouts as I was taken away by roots from the city for pursuing higher studies. The letters in the letter conveyed a lot to me. The caved out letter laid a hand on me. The language had a charismatic effect. Re-reading imbued a flow of emotions.


Today when I look at it I miss those days. Gone are those days when there had been communication through penned letters. Techno savvy world has changed spell bound words to shortened signs and symbols. The box of letters has become distant dream bidding farewell to the letters of emotions. The E-mails, messages be it any sort of new apps has never transmitted a sense to sensory organs. Always eyes are in contact with the smart applications but apps outsmart the eyes. Shortage of verbal effects is enormous. Language in postal letters is by and large extinct.


Don’t send-off the letters to the unknown world as it is difficult to explore. Make it immortalized for the next generation to come.

-SWAPNA [HOD English Department]

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